During 2020, Malaga granted citizenship by residence to 2,320 people!

Spanish citizenship is a right that you can get and that allows you to live indefinitely in Spain; at the same time that it gives you certain benefits, such as the right to vote or to free movement and work within the EU.

The most common way to obtain Spanish nationality is by birthright. As long as you were born in Spain and your parents are Spanish, you become directly a national of the Spanish territory at birth.

However, the Civil Code explains in its article 22 that the acquisition of Spanish nationality by residence requires that the interested party prove compliance with three basic requirements:

The required residence time varies according to some cases:

-For those born in Spain; for those who have married a Spaniard without having separated.

-For the children or grandchildren of Spanish origin.

-For widows or widowers of Spanish or Spanish provided that at the death of the spouse there was no legal or de facto separation.

-For those who have not exercised the right to opt, one year is required.

Apart from this, there are 4 main ways in which you can also obtain Spanish nationality:

  • For having lived enough years in Spanish territory (citizenship by residence)
  • When you marry a Spanish citizen (citizenship by marriage)
  • For being a descendant or grandchild of a Spanish citizen (citizenship by descent)
  • And through your children (citizenship by option)

Since 2015, the way of accrediting a sufficient degree of integration has changed, and currently consists of passing two tests, both designed and administered by the Instituto Cervantes:

On the one hand, obtaining a DELE level A2 or higher Spanish as a foreign language diploma; on the other, an exam that assesses knowledge of the Spanish Constitution and of the Spanish social and cultural reality.

During 2020, the number of concessions of Spanish nationality per residence in Malaga has been 2,320, 52.72 percent less than in 2019.

The Government Sub-delegation has reported through a statement that just over half of the 2,320 concessions of Spanish nationality correspond to women (1,178 compared to 1,142 men). Of these, 460 people became Spanish nationals within the group between 18 and 34 years old; and 396 in the 50-64 age group.

This information has been obtained from La Opinion de Málaga.

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